Brainy Eco Touch by Su-Kam® is world’s first ever touch screen Power Conditioning Unit– off grid solar inverter. With this product, Su-Kam® has revolutionised the solar energy sector and has brought solar power at your fingertips. Brainy Eco Touch has a 2.5KVA/48V power system and is based on MPPT technology. It uses the most user friendly, powerful 30A MPPT charge controller available in India.

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Brainy Eco Touch tells you the per-hour and daily solar energy generation. You can also check the solar energy generated on a monthly and yearly basis and analyse your usage and money saved accordingly. The energy meter in this product keeps a record of the solar energy generation and can save the cumulative solar energy for a lot of years to come.

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Brainy Eco Touch, the best off-grid solar inverter, has a wi-fi range of 80 meters and up to 8 smartphones can be connected to it at the same time by just downloading an app. You can easily operate it no matter where you are.

Brainy Eco Touch, the best off-grid solar inverter, is programmed to give priority to solar power. It checks output power coming from the panel and when it is sufficient to charge the battery, Brainy doesn’t use any power from the mains. However, if there is a deficit in solar power, Brainy intelligently takes the remaining power from the mains. As a result, battery is sufficiently charged and usage of mains power is kept to a minimum.

Brainy’s Charge Controller is equipped with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology. This latest technology helps Brainy extract maximum solar power from panels. At least 30% more than ordinary PWM charge controllers. Extra Solar Power = Extra Solar Savings.

Brainy Touch, world’s 1st touchscreen solar PCU, is so intelligent that it can sense outside temperature and regulate battery’s boost charging voltage based on temperature. When temperature reaches over 25 degrees, it decreases boost charging voltage. It automatically increases boost charging voltage when it senses temperature of less then 25 degrees. ATC Technology is guaranteed to increase battery life by 6 months.

As and when the user wants to use battery charging through solar only or through solar and grid supply, it can switch over to Mains charging disabled or enabled mode respectively.

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Brainy Touch, the best off-grid solar PCU, will always use solar power for charging of batteries and running electrical load. However, when solar panels are not making enough power (ie during nighttime or foggy days) you can decide at what voltage your battery should start getting charged from mains.

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You can also set the voltage received from mains as per the high or low cut options mentioned in the unit with the help of the user settable high/low cut voltage option. If there is excess or low voltage, it automatically cuts the supply to home appliances.

Brainy Eco Touch has DT-6s battery charging technology that makes use of 4th generation microprocessor. The six stages that are used here are desulphation charging, soft start charging, bulk charging, equalization charging and float maintenance stage. This multi-stage charging technology ensures that the batteries are charged optimally.

It has a unique function to access content and features through entering a password every time you want to change the settings as per your requirement.

To help make you understand the amazing features of Brainy Touch- world’s 1st touchscreen solar PCU, we have made short videos. The voiceover is in Hindi but all videos contain English subtitles. Please switch on the captions to read subtitles. We encourage you to subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch over 100 interesting videos about solar.

Brainy Touch is world’s first touchscreen PCU. PCU means Power Conditioning Unit – it is an off-grid solar inverter with in-built solar charge controller. When sunlight falls on solar panels, they make DC electricity which goes through the PCU to power electical load and remaining gets stored in batteries. The in-built solar charge controller in solar PCU ensures that batteries are charged properly. The inverter in solar PCU converts DC from solar into usable AC to power connected load.

Brainy Touch is desinged to always prioritize solar for charging of batteries and running electrical load. However, there could be many situations where solar panels do not make enough power – during nightime, evenings, extremely cloudy days etc. Brainy Touch will then function like a smart inverter and will use mains to charge batteries so that you get power.

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You can decide at which battery voltage level should the grid charging begin.

Solar-Mains-Battery: If you live in  a powercut prone area, it is advisable to have more battery reserve because you would need solar energy stored in batteries during unexpected powercuts. You should set battery bank’s voltage to 52.0v. This means that when battery bank’s voltage drops below 52v, Brainy Touch will start charging the batteries through grid.

Solar-Battery-Mains: If you live in an area that does not face many powercuts then it would make sense to use energy stored in batteries to the fullest. In such cases, you can select battery bank’s  volatge to 42.4. This means that Brainy Touch will only start charging the battery bank from grid when its voltage drops below 42.4.

Brainy Touch is world’s first touchscreen solar PCU but despite its many unique features it is quite affordable. It costs less than an iphone. Send us an enquiry to know more.

Download Brainy Touch’s brochure to know all the technical details.


You are about to become a proud owner of world’s first touchscreen solar PCU. We can assure you that this is the best solar off-grid inverter ever!

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