Sukam’s Solar Battery Management System is a specialized battery equalizer. It has has been designed to extract maximum power from your solar battery bank, reduce loses and greatly increase battery life by preventing overcharge and undercharge. It can be used with 2 or more batteries connected in series and charged as a single unit. In off grid power systems, DC power coming from solar panels is stored in batteries. While charging some batteries get over charged and some under charged. This creates imbalances and reduces the efficiency and life of the battery system.
Using Solar Battery Management System all the batteries can be equalized to the same voltage, and thereafter charged and discharged together. It increases the overall efficiency and life expectancy of batteries –- perfect fit for your off grid solar system!

Su-Kam®’s latest product Solar Battery Equalizer (Solar Battery Management System) is based on latest flash microcontroller based technology that equalizes batteries connected in series, greatly increases their efficiency and prolongs overall life. Used effectively in high capacity off grid power systems.

Solar battery management system (Battery Equalizer) is provided with in built LCD display showing battery voltages and its states of equalization. It has a built in back light feature making it easy to see display parameters. Through the LCD battery voltages can be calibrated at correct voltages for overall higher efficiency of the system.

Battery management system equalizes all batteries to the same voltage level. It does this simply by transferring voltage from higher charged battery to low charged battery. All batteries are now at one voltage level, thus preventing overcharge and undercharge which in turn greatly increases battery life!

In off grid power systems, to create a large battery bank, batteries are connected in series with each other. BMS is designed to get installed very easily with batteries connected in series. Minimum of 2 and maximum 4 batteries can be connected with one BMS system. That means one BMS system can equalize 4 batteries at the same time! BMS has 5 output leads provided at the back for easy and quick connection to batteries.

Solar Battery Equalizer is not limited to 4 batteries! With a larger battery bank, multiple units of BMS can be used. To equalize 5 or more number of batteries together, 2 or more BMS units can be used at the same time, thus saving valuable time. This is how they are connected.

Using Solar Battery Management increases battery life as it prevents undercharge and overcharge. Thus eliminates the need a new battery! No battery replacement means no extra money spent!

BMS can be easily used in all types of lead acid batteries like GEL, Sealed and AGM! It also works with conventional Lead acid and SMF batteries! So you need to look no further!

Solar Battery Management is designed to equalize your battery at any time! While charging the batteries, discharging and even when the batteries are not in use. It doesn’t need to be plugged in, just connect it and its ready for use!

Watch these videos to know more about the many great features of Solar Battery Management System – the best battery equalizer for off-grid solar. The videos are in Hindi but if you turn the caption on, then you can read English subtitles.

The most essential part of an off-grid solar installation is the battery bank. Batteries store the solar energy which can used anytime to run electrical load even when sun is unavailable. It is very important to have a healthy battery bank, otherwise you may not be able to use the solar energy properly. However, when different batteries are connected together in a battery bank, some imbalance COULD develop between batteries. For example, some batteries can get overcharged and some may remain undercharged – both are bad for battery’s health. Solar Battery Management System is a battery equalizer ensures that each and every battery in battery bank receives equal amount of charge.

Healthy battery bank = Long life of batteries = Extra solar savings for you.

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