Su-Kam®‘s solar LED light, Sparkle, is the cheapest way to go solar. Based on a hybrid technology, this solar LED light can operate well with grid as well as solar.

It fits in every corner of your house and is very easy to install. It costs 4 times less and lasts 4 times longer as compared to ordinary tubelights.

Portable and lightweight

solar led
It can be used either as a tablelamp or mounted on a wall for a roomlight.

Maintenance-free (In-built lithium-ion battery)

In-built lithium-ion battery requires no maintenance.

Its ABS plastic body makes it shock and vibration proof.

Two brightness Levels - upto 6 hours backup

It lets the user decide between the two brightness levels that provide backup of 2.5 hours and 6 hours respectively. Thus, the brightness can be decided according to one’s individual requirements. It has a hanging switch for convenient on/off function.

Quick Charging Through Grid as well as Solar

solar led
It can be charged in 3 hours when on grid charging. On Solar plus grid, it can be charged completely in just 2 hours when the sun is at its peak.

Functions as a Mini Inverter

In case of a power outage, Sparkle can automatically switch to backup mode with its inbuilt inverter functionality.

Get Longer Backup-up and Great Battery-life

The battery is equipped with protection against overcharging and deep discharging. Low idle current (10?A) allows light to be kept in unused state for weeks without going into deep discharge.

What is Sparkle Solar Home Lighting System?

It is a 2X1 solar home lighting system that consists of two sparkle bulbs and a solar panel. These bulbs are IEC 62560:2001 certified.

This system is an innovative, cost effective lighting system which provides backup via lithium ion battery. It weighs around 110 grams making it easy to carry around.

The lighting system includes:
? Solar panel
? Two LED light bulbs
? Inbuilt lithium-ion battery and inverter functionality

Where can Sparkle Solar Home Lighting System be used?

This easy-to-carry kit can be installed anywhere you like to get 24 x 7 light powered by grid/solar. Su-Kam®’s Sparkle is thus, the brightest and safest solution for your various needs at home; for rooms, on study tables, in gardens, in garage, or in balconies.

It can easily replace tube-lights and CFLs as it can match up to their brightness and yet is cheaper in comparison.

It comes with 1 year warranty and is a reliable source of light. It portability allows one to carry it on holidays and camping trips as it is lightweight. Sparkle can thus, easily be your first step towards going solar.

 What are other benefits and features of Sparkle?

  • To indicate that sparkle is getting charged, there is a red LED light indicator.
  • The system uses high efficiency LED’s of 120 lm/W each with a view angle of 120 degree.
  • Each Sparkle bulb provides similar light as a 5 Watts CFL or a 30W incandescent bulb.
  • It has an integrated, rechargeable, maintenance-free 3.7V, 550mAh lithium ion battery.

Tech specs sparkle

Well done!

By deciding to buy Solar Home Lighting System, you have made the best decision for not only your financial health but for making India cleaner and greener.

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It comes with a warranty of 12 months. We have a service network of thousands of engineers and customer care staff and help you resolve any issues after you purchase Sparkle LED Solar Home Lighting system.

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You can call us to report any problems that you are facing with our products.

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