Solar for Villages

Solar has been a big blessing for many small towns and villages in India. It is sad, but true that there are villages in India where electricity has not reached yet. We complain about powercuts in cities, but many villagers make do without any power!

Rural India still depends on either kerosene lamps or small diesel generators. Diesel generators are very expensive to operate as they consume a lot of costly fuel. They also release toxic fumes. Kerosene lamps, on the other hand, are quite unsafe to use. Every year, thousands of fire accidents are caused in villages due to kerosene lamps. However, villages are now opting for cost-effective solar products to meet their power requirements.

Best Solar Solutions for Villages

DC System for Villages 

DC system is apt for villages because it can operate fully on solar without any reliance on grid. It is a maintainence-free and easy-to-use system that comes with solar panels, battery and essential electrical appliances that can run on DC: DC fan, DC lights, mobile phone charger and DC television.

 Watch This Video to Learn More about Grid-tie Solar Installation:

Solar Home Lighting System for Villages

Solar homelighting system is the cheapest way to go solar and is very useful for villages. This system can be carried anywhere. Solar homelighting system includes solar panel and essential lectrical appliances that can run on DC: DC fan, DC lights, mobile phone charger and DC television. It also has an in-built battery.

Suggested Solar Products

40,000 Households in UP Run on Su-Kam’s DC Solar System

Watch how DC solar system that consists of a small solar panel, battery, charge controller, fans and lights that can run on DC. It helps become villagers, energy independent as they are able to generate all the electricity they need through solar.

Solar-powered Villages in India