Su-Kam®‘s solar charge controllers are powered by latest generation microprocessor and MPPT Technology. It makes your solar system generate maximum solar power – 30% more than ordinary charge controllers. The micro-processor enabled six stage charging ensures optimum charging of batteries which increases their life by 6 months.

Su-Kam®’s solar charge controllers are available in both MPPT and PWM range to suit all budgets.

Advanced MPPT technology boosts the current and voltage coming from the panels. For example, if the solar panels make 12v then MPPT solar charge controller will deliver 13v to the battery. This translates into more solar savings for you as batteries will get charged adequately and quickly. You get solar energy equal to 12 solar panels from just 10 solar panels.

Very high voltage from solar panels if fed directly to battery may damage it. Su-Kam® has made its solar charge controller intelligent enough to detect if there is very high current. When the current reaches beyond 25 amps (in the case of 20 amps battery), it automatically shuts down. It waits for 3.5 minutes and switches itself back on when the current and voltage are reduced to a safer level. It is all automatic so you don’t need to worry!

Su-Kam® solar charge controllers are the only charge controllers in India to charge batteries in multiple stages – Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk, Absorption, Equalization, and Float. Whereas, other solar charge controllers may only do two stage charging. 6 stage charging is designed to charge the batteries in the most efficient way while making the charging process quite quick. It increases battery life and reduces the need of water topping.

Su-Kam® solar charge controller smartly detects a short circuit and disconnects the connected load without stopping the charging of batteries. When this happens, you will see that ‘Abnormal’ light on charge controller will start blinking. It waits for 3.5 minutes and will only switch the output on if the cause of short circuit has been removed.

Su-Kam®‘s solar charge controllers are designed to automatically detect the capacity of battery. It can tell if the connected battery is 12v or 24v and charge it accordingly. It regulates the charging current and voltage to make it suitable for the battery depending on its capacity.

Over a period of time this sulphuric acid in batteries causes build-up of sulphate on battery plates. If this sulphate buildup is not removed it makes the battery weak so our charge controller gives the battery a high ‘equalizing’ charge automatically every month. When the charge controller is giving this kind of charge to break down the build of sulphate you will see that ‘Equalization’ indicator will blink.

Su-Kam®‘s solar charge controllers can sense outside temperature and regulate boost charging voltage of battery based on that. When solar charge controller senses outside temperature of more than 25 degrees, it automatically decreases the boost charging voltage of battery so that it doesn’t get overcharged. When outside temperature drops below 25 degrees, Su-Kam®‘s solar charge controller increases the boost charging voltage of battery. Automatic Temperature Compensation technology ensures that batteries neither get overcharged nor remain undercharged. It also increases battery life.

Su-Kam®‘s solar charge controllers can be connected to solar panels and DC load such as DC light, fan, or TV. A solar power system consisting of DC load is very energy efficient and saves more money.

During nighttime when voltage of battery is more than that of solar panels, current could start flowing from battery to panels. This could be very harmful for solar panels. Su-Kam®‘s solar charge controller ensures that the current always flow from panels to batteries, and never in the reverse direction.

Discover the amazing features of Su-Kam®‘s 10KW – 180V/55A MPPT solar charge controller.


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What is solar charge controller and how does it work?
Solar charge controller serves as a link between solar panels and batteries. The DC power that solar panels make could be too high at sometimes. Imagine if 25 amps are fed to a battery that can only take 15 amps – it is overcharge and in some extreme cases may burst as well.

Charge controller regulates the voltage and protects it against overcharging. Good charge controllers can also extract maximum power from the solar panels – they can enhance current and voltage coming from solar panels. They make sure that current flows in one direction only – from PV solar panels to batteries and never in the opposite direction as it can be dangerous to solar panels.



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