Few of our most eminent International Solar Projects

We take pride in saying that Su-Kam, a 100% ‘Made in India’ brand is now appreciated worldwide. We export solar products to around 90 countries all over the world. Su-Kam has also won the title of ‘Most Trusted’ brand in Africa. Our solar products are lighting up lacs of homes in Middle-east, Africa, South Africa, and Asia.

Solarizing Afghanistan

Communication towers, owned by Afghanistan’s Government, located in the rough terrain of Afghanistan needed 24×7 power which could only be possible through solar. To execute this crucial solar project, the Government of Afghanistan chose Su-Kam as its trusted partner. Team Su-Kam worked very hard to install solar at communication towers located in 17 districts of the country braving geographical and political odds.

Solar Street Lighting in Gabon

Su-Kam was appointed by the Government of Gabon to install solar street lighting in villages that never had access to electricity. 2000 street-lighting systems were installed in remote districts of Kango, Mouila and Bitam. The project had a huge impact on the lives of inhabitants of this village as they can now work after dark and move freely without worrying about their safety.

35 Schools in Rwanda Run on Su-Kam’s Off-grid Solar System

Su-Kam has been voted as number 1 brand in Africa and carved out a special place in solar market. When Government of Rwanda had to look for a solar company to undertake a solar project for schools in Rwanda, Su-Kam was their obvious choice. The solar installation was challenging but team Su-Kam completed it in very little time

Su-Kam’s Solar Systems in Ethiopia

Su-Kam continues to make its mark in Ethiopia. In order to boost the telecom sector in Ethiopia, Su-Kam was awarded a project of installing MPPT based solar chargers for 250 sites of telecom under the EXIM Bank Line of credit scheme of the Government of India and Ethiopia. This project aims at maximizing the output (98 %) thereby reducing the overall cost in the process. Due to the successful implementation of this project, it is being expanded to cover more sites. Now, Su-Kam has been given the responsibility of delivering the solar-based solution for 2200 telecom sites in Ethiopia.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in Ethiopia
Name: Mr. Abdul Karim
Phone:+251 11 5510949
Email:[email protected]

Solar Installations in Nigeria by Su-Kam

Nigeria is not only fast emerging as an economic powerhouse, but also as a country with vast potential in the field of solar energy. Su-Kam has done many other solar installations in the country. One of the most noteworthy installation has been 30KvA solar system which was installed at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, Nigeria for the overall office load. Su-Kam, along with its channel partner, Somotex, in Nigeria executed the project. This project was a unique concept in Nigeria because it involved the installation of a standalone system along with multiple solar chargers in string for the generation of 30KW output.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in Nigeria
Name: Mr. Vijay Singh
Phone:+234 8129008799 / +234 8129146021
Email:[email protected]

Zimbabwe is Going Solar with Su-Kam

Zimbabwe, a country in the southern part of Africa, is known for its picturesque surroundings and diverse wildlife. But Zimbabwe’s progress has been marred by the lack of social facilities and round the clock electricity supply. Solar is emerging as a great alternative for the power starved nation. Su-Kam has done many solar installations in Zimbabwe. One of the most important solar installation was made at a mining facility which was located in a remote location. The project, which was executed successfully, was awarded to Su-Kam by the Government of Zimbabwe.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in Zimbabwe
Phone:+263 783 183 699, 480784-5, 485718-9/21
Email:[email protected]

Su-Kam’s Solar Projects in Zambia

Zambia, located in Southern Africa, is known for its beautiful parks and safari areas. But unfortunately this beautiful country has been facing acute shortage of power, which was affecting its health and mining sector drastically.
In the health sector, it was becoming increasingly difficult to preserve life-saving medicines and grant medical services to the patient because of the erratic situation of electricity there. In order to address this problem, the Government of India through its Line of Credit has decided to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to these hospitals with a back up of up to 48 hours. Su-Kam has been given the responsibility of lighting up the hospitals and the project is being implemented in all 35 hospitals in the country.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in Zambia
Name: Mr. Simon and Mr. Amin
Phone: +260-955406092
Email:[email protected]; [email protected]

Solar project in Nepal

Nepal, the immediate neighbour of India, is a picturesque country with unlimited potential of solar energy. Su-Kam has done several installations there. Su-Kam’s relief efforts during Nepal earthquake were lauded by many. Su-Kam distributed solar homelighting systems to thousands of earthquake victims.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in Nepal
Name: Alok Malu
Phone: 00977-9802055561
Email: [email protected]otmail.com; [email protected]

Solarizing Phillippines

The potential of solar energy at Phillippines has not been utilized completely till now but with the help of Su-Kam progress is being made in this field gradually. Su-Kam has already worked with the Communication Department of the Defense Sector at Phillipines and right now we are looking at exploring more areas for the optimum utilization of solar power.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in Phillippines
Name: Mr. Raymond
Phone: 63 917 5708616
Email: [email protected]

Su-Kam’s Solar-powered Schools in South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country blessed abundantly by sun. Su-Kam is helping homes and businesses in South Africa go solar through its channel partner, Henry Vermeulen, the owner and managing director of Value4LifeEnergy. Read this interesting story of a school that runs on sun – thanks to Su-Kam’s off grid solar system.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in  South Africa
Name: Mr.  Henry Vermeulen
Website: http://www.value4life.co.za/

Su-Kam in Myanmmar

Myanmmar, the lovely country famous for ranking high on happiness index, is becoming one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. Many households and businesses are going solar. Su-Kam has been helping the country harness the power of sun by making many off-grid solar installations.

Contact Su-Kam’s Channel Partner in Myanmmar
Name: Ms. Zar Zar
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

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