Su-Kam® presents the world’s first zero change over time solar static UPS that is the perfect system to run all kinds of sensitive appliances through solar power and mains when connected with Su-Kam®’s MPPT or PWM solar charge controller.

This brilliant product combines the features of Online UPS and Solar Power Conditioning Unit to give reliable and steady power to your computers, modems, servers and other sensitive appliances. It can operate on both solar power as well as power from grid, but it always give priority to solar power.

Watch this video to understand why Brainy-S is called static solar UPS, how it works and the many benefits it offers to you.

This video explains how you can install Brainy-S with ease. Learn how to size solar panels, battery bank and solar charge controller with it.

Su-Kam®’s BrainyS has been designed with a zero transfer time keeping in mind the health and safety of your sensitive appliances. In the solar industry today it is the first ever solar-static product designed to have this feature as compared to other solar system that do not provide such a smooth transition. This unique feature makes BrainyS the one stop solution for you today.

BrainyS has now given the control in your hands you can select solar or grid priority in the system according your area of use. If you are in an area that has frequent power cuts you can select grid priority and use mains whenever mains is available. If not you can select solar priority and BrainyS will make sure that the usage of mains is minimum.

BrainyS now provides easy system control through 4 parameter setting switches provided at the front panel. These switches can be used to set 8 system parameters like mains low cut, mains high cut, battery low cut, input source, battery charging current etc. According to your requirements you can now simply set these parameters and have the full control in your hands. BrainyS will function according to your needs and works to your maximum advantage.

An easy to read LCD panel displays all system parameters like battery charging current, system on/off, battery voltage, output load percentage and other system parameters

BrainyS is intelligently designed to check the output power of the panels. If the output power is sufficient to charge the battery, then no power is taken from the mains. However, if there is a deficit of solar power, then the remaining will be taken from the mains. Therefore efficiently charging your batteries with the required current and preventing overcharging of batteries. For example, if solar panels are making 12 amps and a 150AH battery bank is connected, then it will take remaining 3amps from grid. It will always give priority to solar.

BrainyS charges battery in 6 stages – Desulphation, Soft Start, Bulk, Absorption Equalization, Float. Latest DT-6S technology removes the build-up of sulphate from battery plates which makes battery charging more efficient. 6-stage charging also helps prolongs battery’s life and health.

BrainyS has been typically designed for optimum performance and maximum protection. BrainyS comes with unique protection features such as Overload protection, short circuit protection, mains low cut, mains high cut, PV low cut, PV high cut, Battery low protection that prevents battery from going into deep discharge etc.

You can use any solar charge controller with Brainy-S – PWM or MPPT. Although we recommend using MPPT solar charge controller for getting maximum output from the system, you can also use it with PWM charge controller.

Brainy-S can work on frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz. This means that you can use it in any country worldwide!

Brainy-S combines the features of many products. It can work as a regular inverter, on-line UPS, solar inverter, solar UPS and solar PCU. The thing that gives Brainy-S edge over other solar UPS/Inverters/PCU is that it has zero changeover time. It doesn’t have an in-built solar charge controller like solar PCU and Brainy Eco solar inverter so you are free to connect any external solar charge controller. However, it still has the feature of intelligent charging sharing. It can take power from grid when solar power is not enough – it always prioritizes solar power.

Thanks to its ‘zero switchover time’ you can easily run computers, modems, servers, IT load, medical equipment and other sensitive electronics with ease. All other solar inverters/UPS/PCU currently available in the market take at least 10-20 milliseconds to switch from mains to battery mode which may hamper sensitive electronics.

Brainy-S can be used anywhere and everywhere – homes, offices and even hospitals. It can run regular household equiment, IT load and medical equipment smoothly and provide uninterrupted power.

To know the cost of Brainy-s, please get in touch with your local Su-Kam® dealer or contact us.


You can now run not only regular electronics but even the most sensitive appliances on solar with ease by buying Brainy-S.

If you face any issues with Brainy-S, our service team will be right by your side to help.

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