Su-Kam® is India’s most well-known solar power solutions company. According to a recent report, it is leading India’s residential solar market with maximum market share. Its solar products have won many awards and certifications.

Su-Kam® is one of the most successful examples of ‘Make in India’. Founded in 1998 as a startup, Su-Kam® has grown at an exponential rate to become an Indian MNC. Innovation has always been the key mantra at Su-Kam® due to which the company holds a record for filing maximum patents in India in power back-up sector.

With offices around the world and an ever-growing global dealer and distributor network of about 40,000, Su-Kam® has been listed in Fortune 500 as one of India’s fastest growing companies. Its products are being loved in 90 countries in Africa, Middle-east, Africa and America. It is financially backed by Ambani Group and Singapore Government, Tamasek.

Lead by India’s popular self-made entrepreneur, Kunwer Sachdev, Su-Kam® has produced continuous technological breakthroughs. In as early as 2000, the company established a Research and Development facility – it became the only company in this sector to do so. Owing to the dedication of scientists, researchers, engineers and technicians, who work at Su-Kam®‘s R & D lab, the company has been successful in building India’s first sine wave inverter, high capacity UPS, Home UPS and world’s first plastic body inverter.

Su-Kam®’s founder, Kunwer Sachdeva, turned company’s direction towards solar a decade ago as he foresee a big demand for solar products in India. Su-Kam® has created India’s first hybrid solar UPS for home and touchscreen, wi-fi enabled Solar PCU. One of the most important technovation by Su-Kam® is Solarscopie – one of its kind device which can assess the performance of two solar products (of different brands). Su-Kam® is the only solar power company in India to have a large digital presence. Su-Kam®‘s website, blog and social media work to educate lacs of people about going solar.

Kunwer Sachdeva is one of the most admired business personalities in India. The prodigy, Kunwer, has always been in love with technology and leading many key technovations at Su-Kam®. Under his guidance, Su-Kam® has emerged to be the only Indian company (in power back-up sector) with a large channel network in 90 countries around the world. He is now on a mission to solarize India (and probably the world) due to which people have started calling Kunwer Sachdev as ‘Solar Man of India’. Know more about ‘The Solar Man’ on his website.

With a Master’s degree in Technology and two decades of experience in Power Electronics, Sanjeev Saini is the founding father of Research and Development unit at Su-Kam®. He has been instrumental in development of many groundbreaking solar products and technologies at Su-Kam®. Under his leadership, the company has filed for 100s of patents.

Like a true IITian, R. Sivarajan breathes technology. After graduating from India’s best institute, IIT Delhi, R. Sivarajan has spent 10 years working in India’s power electronics sector. Besides Su-Kam®, he has also head research team at General Electronics (GE). Being a solar enthusiast and brilliant engineer, Sivarajan has undertaken development of many advanced technologies at Su-Kam®.

Devender has been a key figure in India’s banking sector for the past 33 years. He has worked with India’s most prestigious Government bank, State Bank of India as General Manager and Vice-President. His strong interest in renewable energy and love for homegrown businesses in India brought him to Su-Kam® where he is leading the solar projects team.