Have you done solar installations? If your answer is ‘yes’, then we welcome you to join India’s most well-known solar company, Su-Kam®, as our Solar System Installer. We are encouraging self-employed individuals and companies to partner with us and help solarize India.

You need to be an expert when it comes to making solar installations. We are looking for solar installers of all capacities to install various kind of solar systems from 100W to 100MW.Ideally, you should have a well-trained team that has done solar installations in India. However, we are also happy to take individuals on board. You could be based anywhere in India – our registration is open to everyone irrespective of geographical location.

Associating with a popular global brand like Su-Kam® has plenty of benefits. Our 200 products reach 70 countries worldwide through a network of over 40,000 channel partners. Su-Kam® is the only company in India’s power solutions sector to file for over 100 patents and win 50 awards globally.

Su-Kam®‘s solar product portfolio is one the most diverse in India. From panels to charge controllers to inverters as big as 100kva, Su-Kam®‘s products are backed by latest technology and are suitable for any kind of installation.

We are also happy to provide you with any additional training or marketing support that you may require. Su-Kam®‘s R and D houses industry’s best technicians, scientists and engineers. They would love to help make your knowledge grow.

The financial reward of partnering with us is also quite attractive.

Su-Kam® is a 100% ‘Made in India’ company. Our products are manufactured in India after a thorough research done by our R and D team situated in heart of India. Our founder and MD, Kunwer Sachdeva, is now hailed as ‘Solar Man of India’. At Su-Kam®, our goal is to see every Indian household running on solar. So when you partner with Su-Kam®, you are helping an Indian business to make our country cleaner and greener for fellow Indians.

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